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The cause and treatment for Trachoma


What is meant by Trachoma?

Trachoma is one of the disease group known as neglected tropical symptoms. It is caused by a kind of bacterial infection that occurs in the eye, and with repeated infections and improper healing, can ultimately lead to blindness1. Trachoma affects about 80 Million people, and it is focused in areas where poor sanitation, crowding, and lack of clean water can help spread the condition. This includes more than 50 countries in Africa, Asia and Central & South America2.

What are the causes of Trachoma?

Trachoma is caused by infection with a species of bacteria known as Chlamydia trachomatis3. This bacteria spreads by direct contact with an affected individual’s eyes, nose and mouth secretions (this is known as droplet infection), as well as sharing their towels and washcloths since they can contain infective agents known as fomites4. Flies can be another pathway of spreading the disease, and this is helped by lack of hygiene, and poor access to clean water, and generally dirty environment56. Children are most susceptible, as they have the tendency to play in the dirt, and generally have less time and care for their personal cleanliness.

What are the signs and symptoms of Trachoma?

The infection occurs most commonly in children, and has an incubation period of 5 to 12 days; However, they usually don’t show any symptoms except a little redness in the eyes and a watery discharge, which is often regarded as normal by most people7. The active disease occurs in phases as follows8:
- Initial Signs: which are similar to conjunctivitis or “pink eye”, that usually subsides soon if the patient is not subjected to another infection.
- Active Trachoma: where white lumps appear on the inner surface of the eyelids and at the corners of the eyes. This is accompanied by inflammation and watery discharge from the eyes, and secondary bacterial infection can occur leading to pus discharging.
Cicatricial Trachoma: Where structural changes begin to occur, meaning scarring of the eyelids leading to their buckling and turning inwards. This makes the eyelashes rub against the cornea of the eye, resulting in further irritation, and can leave gaps in the cornea.
Blinding Trachoma: The final and most destructive stage. Corneal ulcers appear and the end result is blindness.

Trachoma treatment according to the western medicine tradition

As with any bacterial infection, the treatment of Trachoma depends mainly on Antibiotics. Azithromycin – either oral or topical – proved to be effective in managing the condition. If the condition progresses to structural changes, Surgery will most probably be needed to correct the eyelid deformity, in order to slow down the disease progression. Prevention may be more important than treatment. Preventive measures include lifestyle changes, and implementing cleanliness and hygiene methods, as well as providing clear and fresh water in areas where access to them may be difficult.

Trachoma treatment according to the natural medicine tradition

Western medicine methods of Trachoma treatment rely mainly on antibiotics (since it is a bacterial infection). Antibiotics have a lot of unwanted side effects, the simplest of which is upset stomach and metallic taste in your mouth, but the most dangerous complication of long term use of antibiotics is resistance, meaning that after a while, your body will stop responding to antibiotics and the bacteria will use that to their advantage, as they spread and become more dangerous. In addition, Trachoma can be easily avoided through proper means of hygiene and prevention, and we can help you with that here.

DisorderFree’s solution

At we support you by re-powering your immune-system. For this we develop the best Natural Medicine solution, personalized specifically for your needs. We look to the self-healing power from the body and find out where the immune system needs support and more power. When the immune system can’t handle the viruses, bacteria parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc anymore, you lose energy in your cells and your body switch from the living modus to the surviving modus.

In most situations when the immune system uses your free energy you feel more tired and less powerful. In the natural medicine tradition we look to the self-healing capacity of the body from a holistic view and we use only the best working ingredients to get you healthy again. This means that we look for the underlying root cause (physical, mental and food) instead of symptoms. Real-life evidence show that cleaning the body helps to re-powering the self-healing capacity of the body.

How do we support you?

We support you with the physical part of the treatment. This means that we develop the best possible Personalized Natural Medicine recipe and herbal formula for your situation. This herbal formula supports your immune-system to clean the blood system, organs and tissues and lymphatic system from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc.

To develop a Personalized Natural Medicine recipe and produce the herbal formula we need some information from you. After receiving your information, several days later you receive the herbal formula and can start the treatment. During the treatment period your immune system clean your body from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc.

When the body is clean it can recover and the new cells can be healthy. The total natural treatment is in 3 steps: Step 1: cleaning the blood system (2 months)
Step 2: cleaning the organs and tissues (2 months)
Step 3: cleaning the lymphatic system (2 months)

When the blood is clean you feel more power/energy in your body. The re-powering of your body increase during step 2 and 3 when you clean your organs/tissues and lymphatic system.

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Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid (Medical content)
Robert Oosterling (Natural Medicine content)


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