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What is Rabies?

Rabies is a highly infectious viral disease that cause inflammation of the brain. The disease is particularly dangerous since it is present in over 150 countries and on all continents, with over 3 billion people1 at risk and causing more than 17 Thousand deaths in 20152, although most of these were in undeveloped countries in Asia and Africa, yet it is still considered a neglected tropical disease3.

What is the cause of Rabies

The disease is caused by a virus of lyssaviruses strain4. This virus is transmitted from an infected animal, to a human being through the animal’s saliva due to a bite5. Any animal could be infected such as bears, wolves and bats, but cats, dogs, squirrels and cattle present the greatest risk to humans6.

When the animal bites the human, the virus is transmitted through the saliva into the blood stream, and on to the nervous system until it reaches the brain causing its inflammation called Encephalitis7. The problem is that the virus is not easily detected until the symptoms appear, and by that stage the condition is almost always fatal.

What are the signs and symptoms of Rabies?

An incubation period of 1 – 3 months exist, but could be longer8. Early symptoms are those of any infection including fever, headache and fatigue.

When the virus reaches the brain, more serious symptoms start to appear that can be exhibited in two forms:

  • Furious Rabies: the well known form with agitation and abnormal behavior, along with paranoia, hallucinations and delirium.
  • Paralytic Rabies: where the patient is not so agitated, but instead experiences paralysis, muscle weakness and loss of sensation.

Hydrophobia (or fear of water) is a classic sign of the condition, where the patient is always thirsty, and even the sight or mention of drinking can cause panic, and that is more common with the furious type11.
The last sign of the condition is coma, and death occurs within 2 to 10 days of the beginning of symptoms12.

Rabies treatment according to the western medicine tradition 

Treatment of Rabies should be undertaken as soon as possible. Cleaning the wound thoroughly with water and disinfection with alcohol is a must. Rabies vaccine is given within a 14 day period and in multiple doses, 4 or 5 of them, which are very expensive.

Another treatment protocol was developed in 2004, by inducing the patient into a coma, with administration of antibiotics and sedatives to control the condition and was called the Milwaukee protocol, but proved not to be very effective.

Rabies treatment according to the natural medicine tradition 

Western medicine treatment of Rabies is very expensive and invasive, including multiple deep injections and even induced coma in some cases, and is only effective when given within a 10 day period of the initial infection.

We can help you live a long and healthy life without resorting to such damaging procedures and medications.

At we support you by re-powering your immune-system. For this we develop the best Natural Medicine solution, personalized specifically for your needs.

We look to the self-healing power from the body and find out where the immune system needs support and more power.

When the immune system can’t handle the viruses, bacteria parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc anymore, you lose energy in your cells and your body switch from the living modus to the surviving modus.

In most situations when the immune system uses your free energy you feel more tired and less powerful.

In the natural medicine tradition we look to the self-healing capacity of the body from a holistic view and we use only the best working ingredients to get you healthy again.

This means that we look for the underlining root cause (physical, mental and food) instead of symptoms.

Real-life evidence show that cleaning the body helps to re-powering the self-healing capacity of the body.

We support you with the physical part of the treatment.

This means that we develop the best possible Personalized Natural Medicine recipe and herbal formula for your situation. This herbal formula supports your immune-system to clean the blood system, organs and tissues and lymphatic system from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc.

To develop a Personalized Natural Medicine recipe and produce the herbal formula we need some information from you. After receiving your information, several days later you receive the herbal formula and can start the treatment.

During the treatment period your immune system clean your body from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc. When the body is clean it can recover and the new cells can be healthy.

The total natural treatment is in 3 steps:
Step 1: cleaning the blood system (2 months)
Step 2: cleaning the organs and tissues (2 months)
Step 3: cleaning the lymphatic system (2 months)

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When the blood is clean you feel more power/energy in your body. The re-powering of your body increase during step 2 and 3 when you clean your organs/tissues and lymphatic system.

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Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid (Medical content)
Robert Oosterling (Natural Medicine content)


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