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Yellow Fever - cause and treatment alternatives


What is Yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a tropical viral disease that is transmitted through a mosquito bite1. It occurs mainly in the tropical and subtropical areas of Africa and Latin America. The number of infected people has increased exponentially ever since the 80s, and in 2013, 127 thousand people were diagnosed with the severe form of Yellow fever, 45 Thousand of which ended up in death, and 90 % of these deaths were in Africa2.

What is the causes of Yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a viral infection, caused by an RNA virus known as Flaviviridae3, which is transmitted through the saliva of an infected female mosquito, specifically of the Aedes Aegypti species, known as the yellow fever mosquito. When this mosquito bites a human, it transmits the virus from its saliva to the host’s blood stream.

These viruses travel through the bloodstream until it reaches the lymph nodes and dendritic cells (part of the nervous system), where they replicate. After that they travel again through the bloodstream until they reach the liver cells, and cause the breakdown of these cells and releasing of cytokines4. Cytokines are very dangerous chemicals that can cause shock and organ failure, that can ultimately lead to death5.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

After infection with the virus, there is an incubation period of 3 to 6 days6, then the symptoms begin to appear. Symptoms start at first as normal symptoms of infection, including fever, headache, generalized fatigue and muscle pain, in addition to nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite. In most cases, that is the extent of the case and resolution occurs spontaneously after a short time7.

However, in 15 % of the cases, the symptoms recur within a day, this time more severe and accompanied by abdominal pain, bleeding from the mouth and eyes, vomiting blood and delirium8.

The severe form is also accompanied by liver and kidney fever, and this results in Jaundice. Fatalities occur mostly due to liver and kidney failure and can reach up to 50 % of the cases that reach the severe form9. After resolution of the symptoms, the patient gains a lifetime immunity and cannot be affected by the disease again10.

Yellow Fever treatment according to the western medicine tradition

Unfortunately, as with other types of viruses of the same genre, there is no known cure for yellow fever. The only treatment that can be offered is antiviral treatment, such as Acyclovir, in addition to supportive treatment such as rehydration to counteract the effect of the fever, and pain control medications like paracetamol and Aspirin. Hospitalization is also advisable as most cases progress very rapidly, and doctor’s supervision is highly recommended.

Yellow Fever treatment according to the natural medicine tradition

Western Medicine is yet to develop a treatment for Yellow fever, and most of the time, it focuses on the symptoms rather than the root cause, and the patient has to live with the persistent fever and fatigue, and rely only on supportive methods to make his\her life easier.

DisorderFree’s solution

At we support you by re-powering your immune-system. For this we develop the best Natural Medicine solution, personalized specifically for your needs. We look to the self-healing power from the body and find out where the immune system needs support and more power. When the immune system can’t handle the viruses, bacteria parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc anymore, you lose energy in your cells and your body switch from the living modus to the surviving modus.

In most situations when the immune system uses your free energy you feel more tired and less powerful. In the natural medicine tradition we look to the self-healing capacity of the body from a holistic view and we use only the best working ingredients to get you healthy again. This means that we look for the underlying root cause (physical, mental and food) instead of symptoms. Real-life evidence show that cleaning the body helps to re-powering the self-healing capacity of the body.

How do we support you?

We support you with the physical part of the treatment. This means that we develop the best possible Personalized Natural Medicine recipe and herbal formula for your situation. This herbal formula supports your immune-system to clean the blood system, organs and tissues and lymphatic system from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc.

To develop a Personalized Natural Medicine recipe and produce the herbal formula we need some information from you. After receiving your information, several days later you receive the herbal formula and can start the treatment. During the treatment period your immune system clean your body from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, toxic substances etc.

When the body is clean it can recover and the new cells can be healthy. The total natural treatment is in 3 steps: Step 1: cleaning the blood system (2 months)
Step 2: cleaning the organs and tissues (2 months)
Step 3: cleaning the lymphatic system (2 months)

When the blood is clean you feel more power/energy in your body. The re-powering of your body increase during step 2 and 3 when you clean your organs/tissues and lymphatic system.

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Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hamid (Medical content)
Robert Oosterling (Natural Medicine content)


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